Mistakes everyone makes when painting a room

Some rules about interior designing are meant to be broken, which include colors too. There are unlimited palettes and fabric colors that allow room for presentation, that even pros are very likely to make wrong turns around the wheel of colors. Here are some of the most common mistakes we do when choosing the color for our home… and some tips on how we can avoid them.

Mistake #1: Choosing the Color of the Wall First

When I redecorated my home, choosing a paint color was the last thing I did. Why? Because if I choose the color first, I will have a hard time finding things that will match my chosen paint color.

Tip: Plan the room first and then choose the color for your paint to complement all the other things that will be placed inside the room. You may base your paint color from the fabrics that are inside the room like the color of the throw pillows, the pattern from a chair or the color of the ready made curtains you planned to use for the windows. Those are my points to consider in choosing a paint color for a room.

Mistake #2: Choosing a Paint Color that is Saturated or Too Bright

One of the latest trend in color now is the bright cobalt blue. It may look good when used as a silk pillow because it has a certain interest and depth, or the color may look good as a ceramic lamp because it has a glimmering finish. However, when that same color is used on walls, it becomes stronger. Light and muddy colors are more appropriate for walls rather than using those strong, bright hues.

Tip: Decide first the focal point of the room. If you want the walls to have bright colors, it is advisable to have furnishings in neutral or white. If you decided that your focal point is the color of the wall, then let the things inside the room complement with the paint color and not against it.

Mistake #3: Not Seeing the House as a Whole

One thing I learned from redecorating my house is that even if I have a small space apartment, changing color from one room to another can be risky for my home as a whole. It does not work well if I paint one room with bright orange and the other with bright pink.

Tip: If the house already has different colors in every room, the best thing to do is to make sure that the things inside the house have the same color theme to bring the rooms together.

Mistake #4: Losing the Emotional Goal

I always hear friends say: “Red is my favorite color and I am going to use it on my bedroom wall.” However, as we all know that bedroom is meant for relaxing and sleeping. If you use red, then there will be a disconnection between the chosen colors and the real intention of the room.

Tip: I was advised before that in a room meant for relaxing like the bedroom, it is wise if I use cool colors like green and blue.

Mistake #5: Taking Trends for Granted

Although I am known to use real bright colors, trends in using softer colors like muted tones and more black with accents of metallic hues are now coming back. My style of using more hot orange and painted lacquer furniture have become overused already.

Tip: If we see it everywhere, meaning everyone is already using bright colors for the past years, then maybe it is time to use something new and unique, which is moodier, fresher or softer. I can do mix matches of black and lavender, brass and metal and other things that might complement a sophisticated and rich theme.



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